What’s Missing Here Part 2

Look at this abysmal Reuters article about Arctic sea ice (yes, I know “abysmal Reuters” is redundant). That the Arctic sea ice is reached historically record lows this year is pretty well accepted. It’s a very complicated system with natural variation. But the article states as fact that the record low ice is cause not only by global warming but man-made global warming.

So what’s missing?

Antarctic sea ice.

If this was just a simply cause of man made global warming, then it stands too reason that both the Arctic and Antarctic would be experiencing the same trends. Is that happening? Not so much.

Notice this cute journalistic trick?


High Antarctic sea ice: nothing to see here, move along.

My point here is not about whether global warming is real or how much of it is man-made. I don’t have hard evidence one way or the other. But I really don’t like selective reporting intended to push an agenda in a debate that should be decided on science.


2 responses to “What’s Missing Here Part 2

  1. All readers here should compare for themselves the history of sea ice in the arctic north to that in the antarctic south. It’s overwhelmingly obvious that sea ice in the antarctic has barely changed but arctic sea ice has declined dramatically. The word “dramatically” isn’t an exaggeration; this year’s record low is 23% below the previous low in 2005, and the northwest passage was open for the first time in human memory.

    So I guess what’s really missing here is any willingness on your part actually to look at the data before you regurgitate propaganda.

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