Corporate Surveillance

There is this interesting article on corporate surveillance of employees in Popular Mechanics. From the article by Glenn Derene:

More stealthy and prevalent than ever before, corporate security software is monitoring your every move inside and out of the office, whether it’s with your corporate computer, e-mail, phone or BlackBerry. As PM’s senior technology editor reports in his biweekly trends column, your employer has more powerful tools to watch over you than the cops – and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There is one easy rule of thumb to follow. Don’t do anything at work you aren’t willing to discuss with your boss or IT security department. Act like your job depends on your workplace behavior. It probably does.

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One response to “Corporate Surveillance

  1. Hi, just thought I would post a link to a film about management through surveillance; how governments and employers use monitoring to make us do what they want us to do. Feel free to post it on your blog if you like it!

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