A Good Step, But a Small One

There is some attention being given to the new Bandit InfoCard Selector for the Mac. Phil Windley, Dale Olds, and Kim Cameron give their thoughts on this. As a non-Mac user I can’t get very excited about this but I suppose that it’s a good thing.

I am a big believer in the Information Card paradigm. I think it has great potential. In that respect I like seeing news like this.

But I always come back to the fact that there is virtually nothing practical I can do with this technology today no matter what browser I use. So far all I can do is use it to authenticate to a handful of test sites, a couple of OpenID providers, a blog or two, and Microsoft LiveID.

I would love to hear about some Information Card relying parties that are in place or in development. Something useful like an e-commerce site, or a financial institution. Now that’s something I could get excited about.

(Mirrored from TalkBMC)

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