Demotivational Posters

There is this great post on the Dilbert Blog about motivational posters. I have long found motivational posters to be quite humorous. They almost auto-satirize themselves. Almost, however, is not quite good enough. To get the job done right, go over to and check out real motivational satire. They have a great Do It Yourself tool where you can make your own demotivational posters.

If you are familiar with this site, you know that I blog mostly about Identity and Identity Management Issues. So I am creating a mashup of DYI Demotivational Posters with Identity concepts. I am going to host the results over at my corporate blog and link to them here.

Some of the images used in the posters are pictures my wife took and some are images found on the internet. Where other’s pictures are used I will include proper attribution.

Here are the first two. Enjoy.




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