Arctic Ocean Getting Warm

Listen to this dire headline:

 Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt

However instead of being one of the latest global warming headlines, it is actually from 1922.


2 responses to “Arctic Ocean Getting Warm

  1. I can’t believe I am the only one that has commented on this article.

    If this is really true information that is within the article it kind of blows a hole in a great deal of our eco-scientists thinking as far as I am concerned. But the fact I am the only person commenting it is unbelievable, just going by the above data anyway.

    This does verify what 500 other scientists have said along, this climate change is a normal event for planet earth.

    Besides what is more important, stopping New York from dumping garbage into the ocean, allowing levels of mercury to enter out fish, plastic bags chocking our turtles, how about allowing 20,000 or 100,000 people starve because we spent money studying something of lessor importance than a more urgent current social need.

    Copenhagen is an embarrassment. More people will die from bullets, live in abject poverty, starve from hunger, and disease before we ever even get to the point of even understanding climate change.

    It appears we didn’t learn anything between 1922 and 2009.

    So for the record, thank you. GREAT information!


  2. As a founder of a conservation society 35 years ago,and an environmentalist I have however, come to realise that Global Warming is a cyclic happening and not caused by mankind. That is not to imply that I am not ashamed at how we have behaved on this planet and the mess we have made, but the underlying cause of the heating up of the planet is due to the cyclic nature of all things – rabbits – humans – earth and the Universe itself. Ice ages have happened and we are now seeing another event appearing on the screen of life. We must try and work together as we are indeed all in this together! We need to recognise the truth behind climat change and unite in our efforts in a new and collective way rather than shouting at each other while the ‘Fire’ burns hotter!

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