Reporters in Anthrax Story Must Disclose Sources

From the Washington Post. Some of the reporters named in the suit resulting from the Anthrax story will have to disclose who in the government leaked the information about Steven Hatfill. The is a great development in my opinion. For too long the media in this country have felt that they are above the law. That is made clear by this ridiculous quote:

Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press said the Hatfill case probably will have “horrifying” repercussions on the ability to report on the government’s handling of public health crises.

“It may be that Mr. Hatfill was done wrong by the federal government,” Dalglish said. “But these reporters were just trying to inform the public about whether the government had a clue about what was happening.”

Nonsense. The best case is that the reporters, in cahoots with the federal investigators, seriously inhibited a public investigation. Worst case is that they smeared an innocent man and permanently harmed his reputation. The feds broke the law. The specific individual leakers should be fired.

And reporters need to learn that they can’t break the law just to break a story.

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