DSML Revisited

There was an interesting article on DSML recently (I ran across it in Dave Kearn’s IdM Journal). This is a useful summary, but unfortunately the article mixed in references to DSML v1 and DSML v2 in a way that will likely be confusing.

Just to clear this up, DSML v1 was a private vendor spec originally initiated by Bowstreet.com. DSML v2 is an OASIS Standard. There are some key differences DSML v1 only supported representing LDAP data and schema in XML but did not address web services. DSML v2 addressed web services. The two specifications are not compatible. The free DSML tools mentioned in the article are actually DSML v1 tools.

DSML v2 is supported by some of the main LDAP Vendors. DSML interfaces to LDAP servers include the Microsoft DSML Services for Windows (DSFW), the Netscape DSML Gateway, and the Novell DSML Support. Microsoft has also added DSML support to its .NET 2.0 Directory Services, although I haven’t had a chance to play around with it.

I had some peripheral involvement in the DSML v2 effort. While at Access360 I designed the new protocol for the enRole IdM server to communicate with the enRole provisioning agents. I create an XML/HTTPS protocol that was called the Directory Access Markup Language (DAML). DAML was basically a web services layer on top of DSML v1. It was actually pretty cutting edge at the time; the enRole system was using an XML/HTTPS protocol for provisioning while SOAP was still in development as standard. Access360 was of course acquired by IBM and the enRole system became the Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM). I don’t know if the DAML protocol is still being used, but you are likely to still see references to it in TIM documentation.

When the DSML v2 effort started with OASIS, the Access360 DAML spec was contributed as input to DSML v2, along with the Dir-XML spec from Novell. I had some initial involvement with the DSML v2 effort, but that ended when I left Access360 and joined OpenNetwork Technologies.

But I have always been a fan of DSML, which is why (for better or worse) SPML 1.0 was based on DSML v2.

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